Pitbull Navy

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Show the world how you feel about your Pit bull with this silky-soft blanket you and your four-legged friend can curl up in together.


Check out these silky-soft Nubay™ material blankets! Spectator Blanket creates timeless keepsakes. One touch and you'll understand the Nubay difference.

Our Nubay Plush & Lite fabrics provide incredible comfort in vibrant color and detail. Each feather soft Nubay Plush blanket weights around 4.6 lbs. The Nubay Lite material is half the weight and every bit as soft. Great for portability. The 60" x 80" size makes them a popular keepsake, and yes, they are machine washable.

There's a simple reason Nubay Blankets sell so quickly: quality. While our state-of-the-art materials are wonderfully soft, they are also incredibly durable. Unlike fleece blankets, Nubay materials are stain and pet-hair resistant, machine washable, and aren't susceptible to the piling and shedding commonly found in other products. Additionally, each Spirit Wrap

The unrivaled softness of our Nubay fabrics didn't happen by accident. Our innovative research and development efforts have led us across the globe in search of the perfect blend of materials and processing technique that now comprise our proprietary yarns. However, ingenuity isn't enough, so we partner exclusively with factories who maintain the highest production standards and use only the newest technologies to bring you a blanket of a softness and quality unlike anything you've ever experienced.