Enterprise Wolves B7B2

Looking for a fantastic value?  Well, you are in luck! Purchasing seconds is a great way to get the same amazing softness, warmth and vibrant prints at significantly discounted rates. Careful, you might be tempted to buy them all.  
Our NubaySoft™ materials are the best in the industry. We simply choose to lead when it comes to quality. In the manufacturing process or during setup, occasionally there are blankets where the print might be slightly blemished, or the fabric has rubbed up against something causing a small material defect. In most cases these small flaws are barely noticeable.  Each flaw is cataloged and photographed for your inspection prior to purchase.  Due to the discounted rate and the expense of shipping and handling, all “seconds” sales are final but won't find a better value anywhere.

Front Manufacturing Flaw- 1 small stain, red has bled into white, not standard size

Back Manufacturing Flaw- Minimal

All sales are final on factory seconds! No Returns