About Nubay

Nubay Lite

Our Nubay Lite fabric provides incredible lightweight comfort in brilliant color and detail. While also displaying a 60" x 80" footprint, this blanket features a sleek profile that is comfy, slim, and warm.


Nubay Digital

Digital Nubay pushes the limits of creativity with HD graphics and full color photo realistic prints on the same feather-soft canvas you've come to know and love. Full size, Full color, Full experience, manufactured in a fraction of the time.  Digital Nubay, Experience Life!


Nubay Plush

Our classic Nubay Plush fabric boldly displays your school's mascot or custom design on a thick, feather-soft canvas. These 60" x 80" blankets are perfect for football games, cozy nights at home, or to wrap up in around the campfire.